There are heard many negative opinions about media. Some people assume that media only controls humans minds and make them stop having their own opinion. Some even believe that life would be better without any kind of media, but they don’t think about importance of it. Media has very important role in the society and we would be lost without it. If you don’t believe, here are some proofs.

First of all, there wouldn’t be such thing as democracy without media. It is like a mechanism that informs the society about malpractice. Media make people aware of all kind of threats. Nowadays politicians are fighting for power and dominance by any means. They steal money from taxpayers and suppress common people. Only thing that restricts all of that is work of media. It’s the only way how to open the eyes of common people and make them fight beck, that’s why politicians are afraid of journalists. Media is one of the pillars that can increase the freedom and reduce the injustice and oppression, by simply providing the information to the society.

Media also has influenced the development of civilizations and still has an important role in development of today’s society. As the media is the main informant of all the actualities and newest information, it helps to spread all the discoveries and ideas. In ancient and medieval times it was mass gathering that informed society, later it was printed media and nowadays also television, radio and internet has joined. Just think of how much slower the society would have developed, if there would be no chance to inform the people fast and simple. There would be no chance to cooperate and find out what’s new. There would be discoveries, but no one would know about them.

Media is also the only force that can save people from danger. What’s the first thing you do if there are some signals about natural disasters nearby or other global danger? You turn on the radio or television to find out what’s happening. There are no other ways how to transfer the information faster and more operatively. Media has saved many lives before and will do in the future as well.

Also just staying informed is important. Even if the information doesn’t impact us directly, we need to know. No matter if something is happening right next to us or in some remote regions of the world. It refers to all the actual information. We need to know about newest discoveries, politics, environment, society etc. Without this information we wouldn’t feel safe.

You can see the benefits from the media. Despite the negative aspects of media that really exists, there is no life of modern society possible without media. They lead the society and helps to achieve more.



The information about current events people usually get from the media. That means we have to believe in something something we haven’t experienced by ourselves, but only heard from others. So it is very important to be sure, we can trust in information provided by media, but how can we be sure that they are not lying to us?

Actually lot of people doesn’t believe in all the mainstream media such as newspapers, news, radio etc. There have been many surveys carried out about this topic and the results almost in every case show the same – people don’t fully trust in media. If we look at all the research results in general, almost 60% of the people do not trust in media at all nor do not completely trust. There is base for this doubt, because there are many reasons why we can’t truly trust in media.

First of all, media is a business and just like in any other business the main objective is to get profit. The easiest way how media corporations can get the profit is by providing information that auditory wants to read or hear. Probably media won’t just invent the news by themselves, because they need to use references to the source of information, but they can present this information in desired manner. That means the auditory will get the opinion about specific topics not based on they own thoughts, but by what media tells.

Also the government has power over the mainstream media. Most of the news contains information about the politics. Unfortunately this news in most cases is no truly independent and reliable. Governments only want to make the auditory agree with their politics so lot of things is not said until the end. As long as government itself will be the source of information, news won’t be truly reliable.

Also the journalist ethics is not always being respected. Journalists can fabricate stories if they have some benefits from that. For example, someone can simply buy an article in the newspaper. Unfortunately there really are some corrupted journalists who allow this to happen. Also lot of journalists has extra jobs as pubic relation specialists, so they can make the news in their client’s interests.

If we continue with the job of journalists than many time news are influenced by journalist own opinion. That doesn’t means the news are totally fake, but it is possible to make things more dramatic or opposite – more meaningless. IT all depends on how journalist feels about the specific topic. If the journalist is not professional, news are not independent, so they are also not completely true.


By knowing this we could assume that we definitely can’t trust in the media nowadays, but actually it not as bad as it might seem. It all depends on media corporations and journalists professionalism. High quality media will never let something like this happen. So the most important thing is to know the difference between high and low quality media.