Information can come from many sources, for example, personal experiences, media, blogs, books, encyclopedias, journals, expert opinions, internet portals etc. This list is almost infinite. All of these information sources are useful, but each of them is appropriate for different purposes. Here is the list of most popular information sources.

The first one is newspapers and other mainstream media. Basically newspaper is a collection of articles about all the current, actual events in specific region. In most cases every city has its own newspaper, so there is only local information included, but there are also newspapers that includes the informationa bout whole country or even world. Newspapers can be published daily or less often. In newspapers the same information is included as in other media such as news on TV or radio and internet news portals. These types of information sources can be used to get actual information or expert opinions about different topics.

Then there are magazines. Also magazine is a collection of articles, but in this case the articles cover many topics. Also these topics are actual, but in different way. They do not provide the information about the latest news, but overall information about important themes. These articles are made by journalists that are not specialists in the field the topic is about, so the information is provides in simple way and it is easy to understand it. Magazines are more meant for entertainment and overall information not scientific purposes.

Journals, however, are meant for science and research. Same as magazines, also journals cover very different topics, but they are all written by professionals and the information is written in scientific language. They are widely used when doing scholar researches, and other type of scientific works. Information in journals is usually very accurate and reliable.

Books can cover almost any topic. Come of the books are fact based, but some are fiction. So if you are looking for actual, reliable information than you should use only fact based books. Fiction is only for entertainment. In books information is written in simple language, so any average reader could understand it, but the information itself is very detailed. Usually the whole book covers only one topic so it is possible to describe any important detail. Books are meant to find any kind of information.

Encyclopedias are also books, but writer in different manner. They are more scientific and usually contains of short facts about specific topic. Information is very laconic, but based only on proved facts. There can be encyclopedias that either cover one topic or cover many topics about one general theme. They are usually used to find some specific information or when there is a need to find key ideas.

The last one is internet portals. This is very wide source of information, because there are countless websites that provides very different information. If you use internet as an information source, you must know how to evaluate the truthfulness of information. You can use internet to find all kind of information, just make sure that source is reliable.