Internet is slowly becoming more and more popular as a source of news. Television, however is loosing it’s influence. Internet probably soon will become main news source among every group of people, but is internet really better news source or people are using internet just because it is easier and more available than in romania? (imprumut rapid)

There are different options. Those who think internet is better news source base their decision mostly on variety of news available. On the internet many different news websites are available. That means audience can choose what news they want to read and also they have a chance to compare many journalist opinions. In television, however, there is only few news channel available, so audience must trust them without any comparison or a plurality of views.

Also as a huge benefit is mentioned the ability to choose specific topics. In television there is specific topics covered in each broadcast and audience must watch the whole broadcast, even if they are interested only in one specific topic. On the internet you can read or watch only articles that are binding to you. It is possible to get comprehensive information on every topic, but you are not forced to read it all.

Internet is also estimated as more reliable news source, because most of the news websites are independent and run by journalists or professionals in field of media or public relationships. Television, however is ran by corporate media. Their main aim is to gain profit, so they are feeding the news that are convenient to them.

And the last thing that proves internet is superior is the ability to provide the latest news. It task only few seconds to make an article on the internet, so you can know everything that is happening just few seconds later. In television, however, you will be able to get the latest news only when the broadcast starts. That might be even with many hour delay (even more than with credit doar cu buletinul). So those who are using internet can find out everything first.

By this we might think internet really is superior news source than television, but there are also some disadvantages of internet news. For example, in the internet everyone can make their own website and write news. You cannot truly trust the information, because you cannot be sure who writes it and how he gets the information. If there are no information sources stated, you cannot trust the news. Specialists in the field of media claims that even half of the news provided by internet websites are false. So if audience is not able to tell which news are reliable and which are not, they will get false information and will pass it by.


So internet really is superior in many aspects, but audience must be careful. As there is so huge amount of information provided on the internet, they must make sure information really is true. Basically they must make their own research to to find out what is true and what is not. Television however offers only small amount of information every day, but it is brought by reliable sources only which are always stated. Another question is – are television broadcasts corrupted or honest? The best option is still going through different news sources and figure out the truth by yourself.