Independent media has an important role in any democracy. If the media is being controlled by the government, it can’t be called democracy anymore, because then the leaders of the country could have control over citizens minds and actions. The role of media is usually underestimated, but actually media has the biggest role in any political process. Independent media is the only force that can tell the truth and if this force is taken away, politicians can feed anything to the citizens.

For example, if one political force have all the influence over media they are able to show their actions and ideology as the only one that is true, and at the same time they are able to slander opponents. Of course, people would believe that, because the main information source nowadays is media. If each and every media says the same, why would citizens doubt that? The good news is that all the media nowadays in democratic countries will never be controlled by one political force, but does that mean media is completely independent and we can relay on them when it comes to political processes?

It is believed that in demonstrative countries media really is fully independent, so the citizens would have a chance to evaluate all the political processes by themselves, but actually it is quite far from true. It is almost impossible to remove any kind of political influence on media. First of all, there are no regulations toward who can own media nowadays. If you have enough of money, you can buy or create any kind of media. Second of all, also independent media are trying to earn some money, so everyone can make them provide the information that is convenient to them.

As we all know, nowadays citizen’s support get those political forces who can provide the best commercials and information about themselves in media. Electorate mostly base their decisions on what they see on news. If one political force buy on-air time in any news broadcast and talk about how great they are and how awful are the opponents, it is clear that they will get the most votes. So basically now the most powerful poetical forces are those who have money to control the media, not those who can provide better solutions. Electorate doesn’t have a chance to evaluate all the candidates, because media tell them what to think and what to do.

So media have a huge role in political forces. Actually, everything electorate will do is based on what is told in media. The only way how you can make your own decisions without any positive or negative influence is by sorting out independent media and the interdependent or corrupted media. It is not an easy task, because independent media also will have certain attitude and without deeper knowledge in politics it is hard to tell which one is telling the truth and which one is just trying to feed what is convenient to them. Just try to think with your own head and make your own decisions not listen everything whats on news.